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Murder by Death – Hold on – Wilson Phillips Cover from Andres Cardona on Vimeo.

The Gloss Top Video Pick: Wilson Phillips Meets Murder By Death

Today’s top pick has the best of both (music) worlds: ’90s and rock. “Hold On” got a bit of a resurgence back when Bridesmaids came out (and by that I mean, I put it on my running playlist). Now the song AND video get another update in the form of a rocking male-vocal lip dub thanks to (the slightly puzzingly-named band) Murder By Death. Just enjoy it (“and things will go your way”). (via Buzzfeed)


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2. Breaking Bad Meets Balki

The Internet is really about nostalgia mash-ups lately (well, always, but especially lately), as evidenced by yet another throwback song getting a new life. When I think Breaking Bad, I automatically think “uplifting,” à la “standing tall on the wings of my dream.” Right? Just kidding, I only think George Bailey. (via Devour)


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3. Casino Royale: Lego Edition

Daniel Craig doesn’t really have the same sex appeal as a Lego – which is probably for the best – but this is still pretty darn impressive. For comparison, here’s the original cut. Makes you kind of wish you’d never given up on toys since they’re the path to Internet fame.


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4. Board Games Suck

I legitimately believe that these are the rules to Mouse Trap. I don’t think anyone has actually ever played that board game the way it was intended. And to think: these types of board game nights only get more complicated when drinking is in the mix. Also, hi Kat Von D?! (via ViralViralVideos)


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5. Poll: Does This Make You Want An Oreo?

I get why Jezebel wasn’t really a fan of this super cute-sy new Oreo ad, but even though I feel a little bit like I am watching Nick Jr. and I still don’t know why Owl City is only one person, I dig this. Maybe I just have an open heart – but more likely, I just have an open stomach.

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