Here it is! The last winners and losers of the YEAR. I’m hot and cold with this episode, but one thing’s for sure…they left us with some HUGE cliffhangers and you guys have been AWESOME at speculating who could be killed. For now, though, we can speculate on the people who won this episode — and those who lost. Because you had so many suggestions, and because, well, I couldn’t make up my mind, we’ve got four of each!!



Susan: How many weeks has she been a winner now?? This is just unheard of. That, or, the DH gods have been listening to my whining about her…whining. Susan literally has grown up before our eyes this season and gotten a lot more mature with her friendships and her relationship with Mike, too. Showing compassion to a woman who wants nothing more than to sabotage her marriage really cements Susan as a winner in my book. Plus, as @Jaz pointed out, how gorgeous did she look in this last episode?? Hair wasn’t stringy, she didn’t have any weirdo outfits. Way to get your act together, Susan.

Orson: You guys all said it — for the first time since he and Bree met — we felt compassion for this man who we’ve only seen as sniveling, underhanded and manipulative (and not in all the good ways that his wife might also have all these qualities). He had every right to come after Karl with a candy cane, and if Karl dies, it’ll be interesting to see where his story goes from there. I’ll be willing to bet that he and Bree come back together (not right away, of course) over this tragedy.

Angie: Doing everything she can to protect her family, and yes, herself, put Angie on the winners’ list as far as I’m concerned. I don’t mind that she let Mona stay behind as she took off running. When she realized her son gave the jig up, she wasn’t angry at his mistake — she immediately went into survival mode. We still have no idea what happened to the Bolens, but we do know that she’s proven to be a strong, loving and caring matriarch of that family. The Godmother, if you will.

Lynette: I maintain that Lynette’s done nothing wrong in this whole pregnancy-lying-suing-Solis-Scavo debacle. The stupidness between her and Gaby during this episode was a bit much for me to handle, but her jumping in to save Celia without even thinking shows how petty their argument was and, as @Jamie put it: “Mother’s instinct is a beautiful thing.”

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Katherine: Did ALL of you put her as a loser? I think @EvilTurtle put it best: Katherine is the “BEST LOSER EVER.” The all-caps is totally necessary on that. We’re all talking Emmys with Dana Delany on this one, and rightfully so! She’s a loser because of just how far gone she is. We’ve really seen the climax of Krazy Katherine’s krazy…and I know from here she’ll get help and begin to get better. Either that, or she’ll be MIA for the rest of the season.

Mona: This woman should be before everyone on this list. The amount of manipulation she had in her before she the plane clothes-lined her is just…unbelievable. She’s got more ability to guilt than my Jewish mother after I brought home a Catholic on Chanukah. And at least my mom shows some remorse. Mona? None. It was just, “Man, how’ma gonna git my $67k?” …and to accept Angie’s wedding ring? I don’t want to say she deserved to be swept off her feet, but…………..

Jeff and Daphne Bicks: These two lose for a few reasons. For one, they crashed a plane into a bunch of people on a street. Seriously, Daph, your husband owns a small airline business and you have NO idea how to turn the plane’s steering wheel away from the one street with humans on it? Also, your marriage is horrible, you argued too much, you’re both cranky, and you killed off a character or two or three or four of five that we’re all inevitably going to be devastated by. Lose, lose, lose!

Karl: I couldn’t agree more with @RenatoB, who pointed out that Karl was planning to propose even though no one knew (except Susan) that they were seeing each other, or that she had filed for divorce from Orson, for that matter. And if I’m going to point blame at the Jeff/Daphne Bicks for flying the plane into Wisteria Lane, then I’ve got every right to place blame on Karl for hiring the plane in the first place. And I am.

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