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Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite Internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. This Wolverine Musical With Puppets Needs To Head To Broadway

Oh wow. If this is what next week’s The Wolverine actually is, expect me there on opening night. I think the Chicago part is my favorite. Maybe The Phantom Of The Opera? Let’s just say I enjoyed all the musical numbers and call it a day.


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2. “The Wizard Of Ahhhs”

A cappella group Pentatonix joins Todrick Hall in this re-imagining of the classic film, The Wizard Of Oz. It starts off with the iconic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” but then shakes up the soundtrack with some modern tunes across a bunch of genres.


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3. Trying To Live A Rom-Com Doesn’t Usually Work

Julia Lillis performed this storytelling set for Comedy Central’s “This is Not Happening,” and now feel free to cringe along as she shares her disastrous attempt to salvage a long-distance relationship. Her story involves both being detained at the airport and a Britney Spears musical concept, so you know it’s good.


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4. So Becoming A Monarch Involves More Than Paperwork…

In case you haven’t heard, there is a royal baby on the way! I know, take a second to absorb this previously unheard news. As you prepare for the royal baby in your own way, here’s an interesting little history on how exactly someone becomes a British monarch.


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5. “Seize This Moment!” -Beyonce, 2013

Beyonce offers some wisdom to a fan filming at her show after he was too distracted to chime in with a little “to the Left…” lyrical action right around the one minute mark of this video. The irony here is that this moment was clearly captured on a cell phone so the lesson may not have fully stuck with the entire audience. (via Crushable)

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