taco bell baby

We all know Taco Bell is a depressing place to be inside of. Its disgusting bastardization of Mexico’s simple, healthy cuisine into tortilla-wrapped lumps of soy-padded mystery meat is inexcusable. But for all its faults, Taco Bell has never been associated with something as vile as baby selling…until now!

Okay, so Taco Bell didn’t actually participate in baby-selling (that we know of). But a probably-disturbed woman recently attempted to sell her newborn son to another woman at a Taco Bell in Vancouver, Washington, probably because the fluorescent lighting and sad excuse for beans had her feeling so down that she barely knew who she was anymore.

Via The Columbian:

A 36-year-old Vancouver woman was booked into Clark County Jail after she allegedly offered to sell her 3-day-old son to another woman for $500 in a Taco Bell restaurant in Hazel Dell.

About 9:30 p.m. Thursday, officers were called to Kay’s Motel, 6700 N.E. Highway 99. A woman had called 911 to report that Knowles approached her in the restaurant, handed the newborn to her and offered to sell him to her.

Deputies found Knowles at the motel with the infant, who appeared to be in good health. They called for officials with Child Protective Services who took custody of him, [Sgt. Phil] Sample said.

Now, if there’s anything I know from watching crime shows on television, a healthy white baby will fetch a whole heck of a lot more than $500 on the black market. Seriously, that is fucking cheap for a baby. Clearly she didn’t do her research, like, at all. In all seriousness, though, I hope Ms. Knowles gets the help she needs. The last thing we want is another Casey Anthony on our hands.

(Via Seattle Weekly)