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If you’ve ever debated the pros and cons of a romper, file this video as evidence in the “pro” category. It demonstrates that rompers may provide intense dance/energy powers for the wearer, and this appears to be especially true when said romper may look like an ordinary dress to the untrained eye. Then, BAM! Actual sartorial identity revealed.

Also, before we get any further, I’m correct in considering this clothing article to be a romper and not a pantsuit like she calls it, right? Just checking for my own purposes, but honestly the proper terminology is neither here nor there. This is really about being totally jazzed about what looks like a super comfortable outfit. I felt the same elation when I realized I could be wearing spandex as full-time pants.

She got all this joy for only $5? Case closed. May your rompers provide similar gleeful dancing in your own life.

via Huffington Post Comedy