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Can’t stand that sweater your boyfriend picked out? No need to feel guilty. According to a new survey, a whopping 42 percent of women will return or exchange their holiday presents from their significant others. Wow.

Keeping in mind that this information comes from the Daily Mail– which is notorious for fabricating stories, inventing statistics, and just plain making shit up– it’s still pretty amusing to think about. There’s something tragically hilarious about the image of women everywhere pretending to swoon over ugly handbags and pungent perfume, all the while trying to figure out how much Macy’s credit they’ll get when they take everything back. The DM reports,

The main reason for the big Boxing Day exchange was getting the wrong size, with 45 percent saying they had to do the swap because of ill-fitting garments. Other reasons for returning gifts included the wrong color or style.

I guess that makes sense. Women’s clothing sizes are confusing enough for women— I can’t imagine trying to make sense of the XS/S/M/L/XL spectrum if I were shopping in the ladies’ department for the first time. And, of course, there’s a chance that you’ll upset your partner by estimating their size wrong, so that adds a whole other element. It’s also pretty challenging to match someone else’s taste exactly, and I’m always clueless about what colors would look good on my friends. We should definitely let men off the hook where that stuff is concerned.

But wrong sizes and colors are, apparently, just the beginning. The DM goes on to add,

According to those surveyed, around 17 percent will try to donate their gift to charity, 13 percent will try to re-gift the item, 10 percent will just throw the present away, and an enterprising 10 percent will try to resell the item on sites such as eBay.

Oh man. Even if somebody made up these statistics (which, again, is totally likely), I’m getting a kick out of the idea that everyone in the world is secretly shallow and secretly listing their personal gifts on eBay. “Framed photo of me and Mark rollerblading last summer. Mint condition. A++++.”

So go ahead and forgive yourself, guilt-ridden girlfriend with a pile of presents to take back. That’s why gift receipts were invented.

Via Daily Mail / Photo: The Office