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Perhaps my headline is bias, but I stand by it. If you disagree, may I propose that you hear the phrase for four straight minutes and then let’s chat again? Oh look, such a video is above!

Official Comedy has put together a supercut of times a variation of the phrase “making love” was uttered in Woody Allen movies. Look, if you like the phrase, that’s fine. Different phrases for different folks. For me, this only confirmed that I may be okay not ever hearing it again. I guess I just like very direct, emotionless phrasing when it comes to sex conversation.

The supercut includes films from all throughout Allen’s career, from Annie Hall to Midnight In Paris – two films I should mention won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. So I guess if I want my Oscar screenplay dreams realized, I better get over my aversion to the phrase and start typing those magic words on the page.

It’ll be a struggle though, as I had to pause the video three times to collect myself. I’m probably immature, but hearing “make love” so many times in succession got me all sorts of squirmy weird. Thus, my natural inclination was to share this with more people. You’re welcome. Happy Monday.