Hold on to your leather girdles ladies because Xena is out protecting humanity once more. TMZ reports that the Warrior Princess is currently strapped to an oil tanker in New Zealand to protest the wrecking of the fragile ecosystem in the Arctic. She’s there with members of Greenpeace and apparently very dedicated to this mission.

In fact, Lucy Lawless is so overcome with passion, she just can’t help but fall back into old habits. She’s unleashing Xena battle cries at the crew! “I just can’t help myself,” Lawless said.

You know what Xena? Sometimes I can’t hold back on my ululations either. Just let em out girl.

Apparently, today’s the day for awesome princesses from the past. First She-Ra, now Xena. What’s going to happen next? Is Princess Buttercup going to show up at pro-choice rally?

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