Do you have $250 to spare? Do you love vintage knitting catalogues from the 1980s? And most of all, do you love Republican senators from Massachusetts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then today is your lucky day.

John Bengel of Pittsburgh is selling a 1984 Bernat knitting catalogue that features no less than 14 (14!) photos of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown modeling the best mens knitwear of the day. The Craigslist ad lists the catalogue for $250 and tells us that it is a follow-up shoot to Brown’s now infamous Cosmo photospread. That is how you know that Scotto was going places.

Bengel, who thinks he has one of the only copies in the United States, sees the catalogue as a great investment. He plans to raise the price of the magazine $100 every month until the 2012 Senate election. (Brown is up for reelection.)

Knowing that knitting catalogues feature the most awesomely awkward models (to be fair, you would be  awkward too if you had to pretend that a knitted bikini is a great look), I can only imagine what the 12 other pictures look like. My prediction: heaven. Hopefully Bengel will realize that holding onto the magazine isn’t much of an investment if he continues to be a big tease and never sell it. Inquiring minds want to know!

But my more pressing concerns are: how has this catalogue been on sale since June 13 and can someone buy it for me asap?