My boss once told me that I should get an iPad, because I like to read. And I was like, “that’s a notion, but I usually carry a book with me.” And then she said “yeah, but what if you’re in a bar and it’s dark and you want to read a book?” And I loved my boss for that, because it seemed to imply that this drinking-and-reading-in-bars problem was something she dealt with all the time.

But really, I don’t need an iPad. I just need to start going to bars that serve microbrewery Just Beers’ literary beer bottles. The 12 pack contains a 12 part detective story. It’s called “The Case of the IPA” (Indian Pale Ale). The story is written by Paul Goodchild and is “a mystery of zany brewers and their intrigues; sure to tickle the ribs and please the belly of any fan of craft beer”. – Wired UK