Has swinging through the trees and flinging poo all day got you stressed out? Are you irritable and tense? Why not relax with a nice frozen margarita, or maybe a beer?

A nature documentary making the online rounds today shows monkeys on the West Indian island of Saint Kitts doing just that, sneakily carrying people’s drinks off in their little monkey hands and drinking them. To which I say: OMFG. If a monkey stole my drink, I might be mad for a second, but I don’t think I could stay cross with its adorable face for long. In fact, I’d probably end up buying it another in the hopes that it would become my pal. All my friends back home would be so jealous!

The monkeys’ drinking habits are also interesting because they statistically mirror our own, with similar proportions of non-drinkers, drinkers, and heavy drinkers to the human population. This supports the idea that alcoholism, and taste for alcohol in general, are inherited traits. Unless, of course, the monkeys are just drinking to be cool. After all, the doc’s narrator does note that unlike human alcoholics, the super-drinky monkeys are not socially penalized, and in fact might even have the best positions in simian society. “They seem to tolerate leaders that monkey around,” he says. Get it? Like a MONKEY would? This guy is effing hilarious. Or maybe I just really need a nap.