Economy got you down? Boss riding your tail again? Not to worry: giving your afternoon a little pep couldn’t be easier!

What you need:


Day Brightener

What you do:

1. On lunch break, pick up 1 or 2 (8 max) day brighteners at local day brightening shop.

2. Return to office carrying day brightener in discreet container.

3. Brew bad coffee in depressing company break room.

4. Pour self cup of coffee.

5. Add day brightener of choice to coffee, all the while peering around furtively so as to make it as obvious as possible that you’re doing something furtive.

6. Grin, take deep breath, and prepare to stop caring where file 2407-6006 is.

My top day-brightening picks:

– Frangelico, ’cause it’s nutty;

– Kahlua, ’cause it’s creamy;

– Jack, ’cause it’s…whiskey.