Joining the ranks of Diddy, Pharrell Williams, and Bethenny Frankel, Mr Ocean himself is getting ready to lunch his own liquor line. That’s right, pretty soon you can take a snake bite of George Clooney. Or ya know, his tequila.

Teaming up with buddy Rande Gerber (who also happens to be married to Cindy Crawford), George is launching a line of tequila called Casamigos. Even better, the booze will be reasonably priced, so we can all enjoy getting drunk with George Clooney.

I am mildly confused about the business venture, as Huffington Post is reporting that the pals have enjoyed the tequila for years. So apparently, it’s already available in Mexico. Does that make the team importers and distributors? Because that sounds a lot less sexy than owning your own tequila.

Oh well, in the end, I doubt we care. Either way, Clooney has a tequila coming out and I can’t wait to start making margaritas.

(Photo: Washington Examiner)