The super cute and unique looking British model Lily Cole made it big on the silver screen this past month with ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus‘. After many successful years in the modeling industry Lily decided to enroll in acting school and pursue acting as a full-time gig. She is excited to hang up her modeling shoes and make it big on the big screen. She has been quoted as saying that she has taken from the industry all that she can and is looking to experience new things.

I have yet to see the Dr. Paranassus but can imagine that this experience was huge for her. With her very unique look she’ll definitely do well in other films like this one.


She will however be missed in the modeling industry since she has made quite the niche for herself. It is her very, some would say, strange look that made a name for herself. It opened up the possibility that models didn’t have to look like Barbi.

After the jump is an interview with Lily from discussing her role in the Imagnarium and her acting career!


Stay tuned for more Lily Cole updates!

Image Credit: INF

Source: MSN