We made it to February, y’all! Did anyone else feel like January would simply never end? It was rough going there for a while. Luckily, time waits for no one and here we are. This is a tarot forecast for the first week of this self-proclaimed “month of love,” but let’s not worry about Valentine’s Day just yet. Please.

Each card is something for you to keep in mind as your week goes on, in hopes of giving you a little guidance along the way.

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Hint: this week wants you to get rid of all the gross liars in your life. Not a bad way to start the month!

Monday: 7 of Swords

7 of swords

Secrets, secrets are no fun. This week is starting you off with a warning: watch out for liars. Something, or someone, is not exactly as they seem. And TBH? That could also include you. Is there something you’ve been holding back on sharing? Let’s avoid any and all deceit around you and get to the bottom of things.

Tuesday: 10 of Swords

10 of swords

Ah, see what’ll happen if you don’t clear the air this week? This card represents self-destruction and the rock bottom of things. Swords, in tarot, are directly tied to our truthful and honest sides; we can easily turn on ourselves, but what’s the point? Don’t throw more on your plate than you need to.

Wednesday: 2 of Swords

2 of swords

Quite the aggressive week, it seems. Another Swords card! This card isn’t quite as disastrous as the other two might have seemed to you at first. There’s a decision you have to make—maybe you’ve been facing it for a while? Weigh your options. Your heart will tell you which path is better for you.

Thursday: Father of Cups

father of cups

Now we can relax a bit. Find your open-minded attitude again. Shake off the secrets from a couple days ago and move forward. Get in touch with your artsy side, too. Maybe check in with your family for support. No need to hang onto your worries as we head toward the weekend.

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Friday: Ace of Pentacles

ace of pentacles

A fun card for a Friday! This card is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, especially in relation to your work or home life. Have you been itching to start a new project? Is there a side hustle that wants to become a much bigger hustle? You’re feeling in the right frame of mind to really tackle it now!

Saturday: The Chariot

the chariot

Hell yes. Those good vibes that you rode into the weekend? Hold on to them! Maybe even write them down for future reference. Because whenever you’re feeling low or rundown, you need to reach that level of kickass again. Where you feel your drive in life, that’s your own “Chariot” bringing you forward.

Sunday: Temperance


A very calm end to your week, especially one that started potentially worryingly. This card wants you to find your balance again. Rein in the aspects of your life that have maybe gotten out of control. Heal yourself so that you can move on. Forget about the losers or the bad habits, because they’re not here to help you.