Another week! Hello, friends. We’ve made it into April for real, no more fool’s days. But even though the holidays aren’t trying to trick us anymore, there’s still plenty of things we need help with. That’s where this tarot forecast comes in.

Each week, like a nosy friend who wants to give you too much advice, I ask the universe of the tarot world to give you some pointers. Take it or leave it as you see fit, but these cards just want to give a little guidance to your crazy world.

Monday: 5 of Wands


Ugh, such a Monday card. This is all about feeling scattered, like you don’t quite know where you’re going right now. Maybe it’s because of all of this spring weather confusion hitting everywhere, and it has you all discombobulated. There’s lots trying to distract you right now. Try not to let it all get in your way.

Tuesday: 8 of Wands


Clarity! It can hit you like this lightning strike here on this card. All of a sudden, you’ll find your way through the scattered “wands” of yesterday, and you can see where you really need to be pointed.

Wednesday: 7 of Wands


I know, I know. Another Wand card for your week. But this one really ties together the first two. It’s a card all about relying on yourself. Through the haze of the confusion of Monday and the clarity that Tuesday showed us, this card reminds you that you’re strong. Follow your convictions and your true feelings.

Thursday: Daughter of Swords


Aha, this has totally been the undercurrent through these other cards. A card all about honesty. Use your observational skills, because that’s what’s been showing you the way throughout the week. Rely on them even more.

Friday: 9 of Cups


Finally, a card of peace! You’ve been doing some emotional heavy lifting lately, but it’s all for a good reason. Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the ~fruits of your labor,~ so to speak.

Saturday: the Lovers


Now, now, this doesn’t necessarily refer to an actual romantic relationship. (It can, though!) This is here to remind you that relying on those you trust can take you far. Find your people, your “squad,” your partner(s). With them, you’ll find the most success.

Sunday: 6 of Wands


Of course, a Wands to round out the week. See how the butterfly rises above the struggles? That’s you! There was so many distractions, but you’re victorious. Forget those fools. You’re this butterfly, ready to move on to bigger and better things.