Zara Phillips is attending the Burghley Horse Trials in Stamford this week. The event’s top prize is the Land Rover Perpetual Challenge trophy and £50,000 in cash. Zara will compete in the dressage event on Friday, astride her horse Glenbuck.


In addition to taking part in the competition, Zara has other connections to the Burghley Trials. The course was designed by her father, Captain Mark Phillips, and the event itself is being sponsored by Land Rover, for whom Zara has made an ad.

Today, Zara showed her support for the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund, of which she is patron:


Spectators have much to do during the four days of the popular trials. Hundreds of booths with various merchandise offer a great shopping experience. The trials run from September 3-6, 2009.


images: Bauer-Griffin

Zara Phillips