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AM News: 5 Ways To Dry Your Hair FASTER

AM News: 5 Ways To Dry Your Hair FASTER

5 ways to dry hair faster so that we can get back to living? Um, YES PLEASE! -Bustle

Um, talk about a beauty don’t. This author flosses her teeth with HAIR! . -The Frisky

James Blunt finally apologizes for “Your’re Beautiful,” that annoying song. -Newser

Blanket coats are having a moment. And we say YES to staying in bed all day! -Bustle

Target’s free shipping policy! All the important deets here! -The Frisky

The end of the superhero movie genre is near. And why we should feel sad. -Newser

Hey, it’s hard to be tall! Here are 6 fixes to common tall girls fashion problems. -Bustle

Reese Witherspoon looks better than all of us in this doable outfit. -The Frisky
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