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Party Favors: We’re Jealous Of One Woman’s 3-Story Closet

Party Favors: We're Jealous Of One Woman's 3-Story Closet

Prepare to be jealous of the woman with a 3-story closet. -StyleList

This bracelet has a shocking way of making you go to the gym. -Bustle

The Olsen twins designed their first hippie-chic wedding gown. -The Stir

It’s still summer, but you can start back-to-school shopping. -DivineCaroline

Buy some jewelry for your favorite man, he’ll thank you for it. -YourTango

Everything you wish you knew about filling in your eyebrows. -StyleList

Oh, you want a front row seat at fashion week? Pay up! -HuffPo Style

Petite ladies need some help in the Maxi dress shopping department. -The Frisky

This beauty oil has the Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPy stamp of approval. -Refinery29

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Daniel Radcliffe ‘Had A Really Good Time’ Losing His Virginity, Just Another Perk Of Being The Chosen One

Daniel Radcliffe âHad A Really Good Timeâ Losing His Virginity, Just Another Perk Of Being The Chosen One

Guys, Daniel Radcliffe lost his virginity and it wasn’t horrible. Like most sadists who love a good virginity horror story, I’m a little bummed, but I guess I’ll let Dan have his moment so long as this triumph doesn’t hurt his ability to accurately sort celebrities into Hogwarts Houses. He disclosed this fun fact toELLE while promoting his new romantic comedy, What If. More »