How do you do Sunday?

It’s one thing to have a great date, but it’s another thing to enjoy a Sunday with someone else. Here in New York City we tend to get drunk at brunch and call Monday a “sick” day, but apparently in other parts of the country Sunday is about relaxing, couching it and maybe even hiking! What the?! Some sleep, some get drunk and others, um, hike. To each their own.

No matter how you prefer to spend your Sunday, our partner, HowAboutWe has managed to lure the “perfect Sunday” out of their members. If you have a perfect Sunday in mind pop over to TheGloss dating page and post yours, or if any of the Sundays below tickle you below the belt, then click on them and give yourself over to the glory of easy Sunday mornings.

And there you have it! Wait — are you still not on TheGloss dating page? Fool! Go. Now.