While wandering around on a first date and stopping off for some wine or beer is always a fine way to begin a relationship, such a date might not do it for someone who likes to scream at the television when their favorite football team fumbles. What’s a perfect date if not bundling up in 20 degree weather to watch the Patriots and NY Giants go head-to-head again?

While I don’t know many women whose ideal Sunday is football, nachos, buffalo wings and beer, that doesn’t mean that these women don’t exist–they’re just few and far between. But what I do know for a fact is that men who are equally into sports find women who share this passion to be really sexy. If you’re the type of gal who can spout off what team traded what player back in 1971 before you were even born, then your match just might be found in the sport and activity lovers over at HowAboutWe.

Below you’ll find 10 sample sports-related dates for the football/baseball/basketball/rock-climbing inner you. Granted, we just narrowed it down to 10, but that’s just a handful out of the hundreds you’ll find once you set up your own HowAboutWe profile.

Sundays are going to get a whole lot more cozy when you’re yelling at the TV with someone special.

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