It’s fireworks season! Or at least that’s what it appears to be based on all the dates on our partner, HowAboutWe’s dating site. Not only are fireworks a hot date idea, but a lot of people are already planning out their July 4th dates and we all know that’s definitely firework territory.

Although the heat and humidity from the last few days may have had your mind completely faraway from anything concerning dating or being even remotely close in proximity to another human being (you know, because the sweat factor), the forecast is looking so much cooler weather wise in the days ahead. It may not drop down to temperatures that will be ideal for snuggling, but they will be low enough to probably put your mind and body back into the dating scene.

TheGloss dating page has just the fireworks-loving lads for you to check out and message. Check on the guys below and/or make your way to TheGloss dating page to discover more possibilities for love.

You do realize that dates that includes fireworks could also mean other types of fireworks later on in the evening, right? But you’ll never know if you don’t hit up TheGloss dating page.


Photo: All Spark Fireworks