You know what’s great? Words. Not only do they allow us to communicate, but they also make for one real hell of a date. In other words (no pun intended): Scrabble!

There’s no better way to get to know someone than over a game of Scrabble. Why? Because the words they come up with actually say a lot about who they are, what they think and when they put “marriage” on the board, you know they’re in it to win it. Not to mention, there’s nothing sexier than a fella with an intensely wide vocabulary. Any man who can come up with 30 other words for sex is a keeper, is he not? But more importantly where can you find these dashing yet intellectual types? At TheGloss dating page obviously.

Thanks to our partner, HowAboutWe, here are some darlings who not only want to win over your heart, but your brain.

Oh hello… are you still there? I don’t have any fancy words to offer you. I guess that means you need to get over to TheGloss dating page for one of these fellas or many others who want to impress you with their words. Honestly, I can only do so much.