Brunch really is the best part of the week, isn’t it? You get to relax from work, unplug yourself from the usual day-to-day routine, and if you do brunch as us New Yorkers do, you’ll also find yourself swimming in the alcohol by 3pm. New York City is the capital of the “drunk brunch.” I’m quite certain we invented it.

Of course, drinking while brunching is optional, and although a few Bloody Marys will help loosen up any first date jitters, it’s probably best to not get totally drunk. You do want to remember the date especially if you see stars, don’t you?

With our partner, HowAboutWe, we were able to easily find 10 dates looking to do brunch with you this very weekend. Frankly, it was hard to narrow it down to just 10 because everyone wants to brunch — it’s an art after all. So either check out one of these fellas below or head to TheGloss dating page and find someone else. There are many, many men who want to brunch with you.

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