We realize that a great many people have enjoyed our 10 Vampires More Dateable than Edward Cullen Gallery. We learned that you have strong feelings about attractive , unavailable men and also, that while Buffy has been over approximately forever, you still lust after Angel (too bad Jenny Calendar can’t weigh in on that topic because Angel killed her.) Anyhow, we also realized that male fashion designers have a lot in common with vampires. For instance:

They are covered in random body glitter spritzes as a result of helping the models prepare and are therefore sparkly.

They look good in black

They rarely go out in the daytime

They do not often eat solids, or at least not bread solids

They will generally not have sex with you. Not because of a curse. Because they’re gay.

They are actually vampires (in the case of Karl Lagerfeld, only).

Here are ten we think you should consider dating before you wed yourself to a creature of the night.[ITPGallery]