If my last few dates with grown-ups have taught me anything, it’s that they’re not all that bad. In fact, when they’re actually acting like the grown-ups they are (and I still need some tips in that area), they can be pretty great. Or more specifically: really great.

Perhaps, there’s not all that excitement and drama, but I’m starting to realize, or rather I’m being told by friends and family, that at some point the drama gets old. I am confused by this because my father, the crazy Frenchman, is still quite dramatic and it still supplies hours of entertainment for all of us.

I can admit that it’s weird for me when someone calls when they say they’re going to, and not just to get laid, but to actually spend time with me. I didn’t know this was a “thing.” What’s even weirder are all these manners going on — wait, he just literally rushed to open the door for me? And he just said that someday he can see himself getting married? It’s like being tossed into a whole new bubble and I’m just bouncing around inside it without getting a chance to land because it’s all so new and foreign to me that I don’t even know where I’d put my feet down if I tried.

I had said I was giving up the “man-child,” but the last couple dates I’ve been on have proven that I was indeed ready to jump into unchartered watered; more than ready. It was time, so here I am.


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox