Oh how we would all love to fall in love at sunset on the beach. But apparently, the beach is no good as a first date. College Candy recently came up with a list where you should never take a date, specifically a first date. In addition to a trip to the beach (but what if you live in California? Or Florida? Or Mexico?), the list banned these places from being acceptable:

  • Family Functions
  • Dance Clubs
  • Movies
  • Bars
  • Sporting Events
  • Comedy Shows
  • Mini-Golf
  • Museums
  • Coffee Houses
  • Theme Restaurants (especially “breastraurants” like Hooters)

Since they basically ruled out every good date place ever, we had to think really, really hard and come up with places that you CAN go on a date. These date venues are pretty stellar, so you don’t have to feel too restricted when you’re told the movies and restaurants (aren’t all restaurants somewhat themed?) are banned.[ITPGallery]