Oh dear. Oh dear, dear dear.

Ladies, jealousy is a fact of life. All of us have probably been known to succumb evil green-eyed monster once or twice. But one must keep one’s jealousy in check — so sayeth the bible — and one must really, really try to remember that jealousy is not an appropriate emotion to unleash on children.

Sadly, Candice Kiley of North Branford, Connecticut didn’t adhere to any of these rules. During a family barbeque — yes, during a family barbeque — Kiley broke down and accused a 12-year-old girl of “looking at” her 30-year-old boyfriend all day. She then grabbed the girl by the hair and threw her on the floor, causing the girl to have an asthma attack.

So, this is crazy on a number of levels, yes? First of all, maybe the girl was looking at Kiley’s boyfriend, but it’s unlikely, because let’s be rational — when you’re 12, 30-year-old men seem old. Regardless, you don’t physically attack anyone, ever (unless it’s in self-defense, and then we’re dealing with a whole other topic). On top of that, you don’t start fights at a family barbeque, because that’s trashy.

But mostly, the girl. Is. Twelve. And that makes everything that happened here 90 times worse, not to mention that it lends the incident a particularly pathetic sheen.

Also, is it just me, or does Kiley look somewhat pleased with herself in her mugshot?