Remember when Mel Gibson wildly screamed his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva for dressing provocatively? And she was wearing, generally, a button down shirt and blue jeans and just generally looked like a suburban soccer mom? I guess when Mel Gibson thinks “demure, ladylike” he thinks “fetish model.”Why can’t abusive chauvinists be more reliable in their preferences?

But what kind of woman would date Mel at this point, after… everything? Like, really, just everything? Who is this Stella Mouzi?

So far we know…

1) She’s Greek, and in the US on a visitor’s visa, but wants to remain here. Perhaps to spend more time with Mel. Perhaps, God willing, for any other reason.

2) She was photographed wearing nipple tape onstage with another fetish performer called “Whippy.” Whippy is a fun name. I think if I became a fetish performer I’d go by Cuddles. Ashley would go by Arachne. We got really sidetracked talking about this. I might go by Casper, because I’d be pale! Yes! Casper!

3) She enjoys hanging out at Skybar and visited Mel’s home for Barbecue

4) She is 25 and studied photography in college! It influences her style today.

5) She once made out with another fetish performer called Goddess Sativa at the LA Fetish Film Awards.

In conclusion, she sounds fun! Let’s come up with nicer people for her to date.