Recently, the news broke that Kate and Will would be inviting their exes to their wedding. According to ABC News:

“Kate Middleton’s ex-boyfriend, Rupert Finch, and William’s first love, Jecca Craig, are both on the list.

‘William’s exes are his very, very close friends,’ Nicholl of the Daily Mail said. ‘Kate is very comfortable around these girls. She doesn’t have a problem with them.'”

Of course, there are exceptions to the ex-invitation rule…if one party was deeply wronged in the relationship, or if there have been subsequent faux-pas committed, like stalking, excessive drunk dialing, attempts to thwart the new relationship, etc.

But if it was just a regular split with both parties agreeing to go their separate ways, there are a few reasons to consider inviting your ex to your special day:

  1. Because people from your past — particularly past relationships — are an important part of getting you to where you are today.
  2. To make amends, if necessary. Your ex might not show up, but it’s nice to be thought of.
  3. They invited you to theirs. In that case, yes. You do have to.
  4. You remain good friends. Obv.
  5. It’s important to your partner, as a way of showing that there are not, and never will be, lingering hard feelings.