the great gatsby

According to Buzzfeed, Great Gatsby themed weddings are now a thing. While I love The Great Gatsby and would talk about it forever, this is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life. The worst. The absolute worst. This is why Great Gatsby themed weddings are doomed.

1. You think your future husband looks like Jay Gatsby? Hahahahaha, no. No, he does not. Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t even look like Jay Gatsby. Honestly, only young Robert Redford looked like Jay Gatsby. Here. This is what Jay Gatsby looks like:

Jay Gatsby robert redford


Does your future husband look like that?

Your future husband has a receding hairline.

2) Daisy’s dress would have been better than your wedding dress. It’s not an insult to you, it’s just true. I’m sure your dress is lovely. However, Daisy’s only hobby was sitting around in white dresses being languorous. There are color themes throughout The Great Gatsby, and Daisy’s color is consistently white – so she wears white dresses, is surrounded by white flowers, etc. Wedding days were kind of Daisy’s reason for being.

3) You don’t even have a roadster. Your limo is nothing compared to a roadster.

4) You are going to put way too much pressure on your best man to be Nick Carraway. If your best man were actually Nick Carraway, he would be in love with the groom, so that is a terrible idea all in its own right.

5) Honestly, what part of this story struck you as a romantic? It is a tragedy. There is sex in it, but it is still a complete and utter tragedy. I guess the clothes were good, though, so that can be confusing.

Picture via The Great Gatsby