We all remember the epic 30 Rock episode about dealbreakers, right? In case you don’t, a quick synopsis: Liz Lemon got a book and show revolving around her newly coined tagline, “that’s a dealbreaker, ladies!” which she came up with while doling out advice about when to break up with your man.

So in the interest of continuing education regarding ending a relationship, we have been overlooking a goldmine of information about what makes a bad boyfriend. That goldmine is Levi Johnston. Your man is not a keeper if he has any of the following five qualities in common with Levi:

  1. Has ever posed in Playgirl.
  2. Shit talks your mom.
  3. Shit talks your mom to the media.
  4. Is seeking a reality show.
  5. Proposes and calls it off more than once.

Pretty simple, and pretty straighforward. I think we can all agree that Bristol is better off without this walking dealbreaker.