Sometimes you go into a grocery store looking for a bottle of Chardonnay, and you come out with eternal love. At least, that’s what happened to Denise Irvine and Marty Czarnecki who met in the beer and wine aisle of their local grocery store, and, a year later returned there for their wedding. Since we like to look for all our romantic prospects in Pinky’s Liquor, we plan on doing exactly the same thing. Here are some tips we’ve taken away from the Czarnecki’s wedding:

1) Remember that your friends are just jealous they didn’t think of it first. “Some family members were surprised by the choice. “You got to be kidding,” was the reaction from Czarnecki’s father, Marty Sr.”

2) Maybe put up a sign or something in the morning so customers wandering through aren’t shocked and badly dressed. “Customers stopped their shopping to take it all in. “I didn’t know I was going to be at a wedding,” said Thyra Dahlstrom, a tourist from Milwaukee. “I would have dressed differently.””

3) Don’t get married at McDonald’s. That’s lame. Unless it’s a really ironic wedding. Anyplace liquor can be purchased trumps McDonald’s. “No, we had a wedding in McDonald’s here in Wautoma about 4 or 5 years ago,” said Kunasch.

4) You should definitely make some store related jokes. “Clean up on aisle nine,” shouted members of the wedding party after toilet paper streamers flew threw the air over the wedding couple.

5) Clean up quickly so that everyone can start shopping again. So after a little cake and champagne, the liquor aisle was open once again.”It worked out great. Everybody was cooperative,” said Copps store manager Dale Albrandt. “I think it worked out real good.”