george takei

I know a lot of people will high five me for this and plenty of others will want to slap me, but I do not ever plan on reading 50 Shades of Grey. It’s not that I do not think it is probably important that I do know what the hell the fuss is about — in fact, that’s the only reason I plan on eventually reading Hunger Games — but I just don’t quite want to. I think it’s probably got something appealing about how it’s written, even if that appeal doesn’t include “creativity” or “decent grammar,” but I nevertheless am just so incredibly disinterested. After reading a few excerpts via articles discussing (i.e. making fun of) the book, it just does not seem like my cup of tea and spending a bunch of time reading it would be silly when there are so many better books I could be devoting my energy and evenings for. However, George Takei is somehow making this extended erotica story considerably more enticing.

In his lovely little video, Takei decided to see “what all of the fuss is about” and read some of 50 Shades of Grey. The results are… amazing. Just so excellent. And suddenly, I actually want to read this book but have his voice in mind the entire time.

Fantastic, right? (Especially the look after “oh my…” at 0:32.) Takei is hilarious and I’ve always enjoyed his particular sense of humor, so I would kind of prefer he reads all terrible literature to me forever. I would also prefer that terrible literature didn’t exist at the level that 50 Shades has attained in regards to success and popularity, but such is life.

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