It wasn’t easy trying to find a group of gentlemen who wanted to go on a Fashion Week-related date. Even when I popped over to the gay ladies, no one there seemed to care much either. However! I did find seven, yes, seven men and women who would just love to spend their very first date with you doing something that celebrates Fashion Week.

Our partner site, HowAboutWe, has so many men and women looking to find the one true thing. And although the collection of those wanting to hit the fashion events this week are low, there are more than a few who enjoy fashion, but as we all know, sometimes getting into a show can be a real bitch. And honestly, who wants to risk taking someone out with the promise of something fabulous yet, when they get there, their name isn’t on the list? Foul.

Legitimate Fashion Week concerns aside, isn’t it time you set up your profile on TheGloss dating page? Have you not done that? It’s probably about time. Fashion Week may come and go, but true love is forever. Yes, I just wrote that and kept a straight face.

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