My grandma is full of good recipes, good jokes, and good relationship advice. She should be! This December, she and my grandfather will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

They grew up in the same Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx during the Great Depression. My grandmother was 12 when she first laid eyes on her best friend’s older brother. She tells me it was love at first sight. They wrote letters throughout the war and were married promptly upon his return. Decades later, they’re still in love and living in a condo about half an hour from where they first met. She volunteers at a thrift store and keeps a few cans of PBR in the fridge. He likes to watch sports on his easy chair and drink an occasional PBR. They’re a pretty adorable couple, but she admits they’re not perfect.

I love chatting with my grandma—she’s hip, hilarious and insightful without coming off as too pedantic or out-of-touch. I promised if she shared some of her best relationship advice with me, I would spend a day playing canasta with her. (I totally won that negotiation: I love playing canasta with her.) I boiled down her advice into seven simple relationship rules—they’re not as nourishing as her matzoball soup, but I think they’re just as satisfying.[ITPGallery]