It happens to the best of us: after being with our partner for a long time, we fall into a sexual rut. We have missionary sex, at night, for about ten minutes, because it’s easy and it gets us both off without causing significant stress to any major muscle groups.

But sometimes, after you’ve been doing that for a while, you remember that once upon a time, in the deep recesses of your brain, you knew that sex could be more than this. Maybe you’ve had more interesting sex in your storied past, or maybe you just got that message from that one class you went to at Babeland in 2007. Either way, you know that with a small amount of effort, more titillating sex exists.

Ladies, what I’m about to suggest is not new, and it’s not groundbreaking. Hell, it’s not even kinky. Rather, it’s meant to serve as a reminder that you — yes, you, the woman eating the two-day-old Thai food because you were too lazy to even go out and buy lunch, let alone bring it from home — can make small changes to your sex life that will yield big results. Because that’s what lovemaking is all about.