Most everyone, I think, knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I would exclude myself from the ranks of most everyone claiming ignorance, but in fact I am just lazy. I could be a one-woman focus group for Special K’s advertising agency. My excuses for skipping breakfast include dieting, time-saving, and sheer exhaustion. In the wee hours between 7 and 8am, the snooze button is the king of my castle.

Of course, I make similar excuses for morning sex. As much as I enjoy a good morning romp between the sheets, I always find excuses for passing up on going down.

When I do do it in the mornings, I remember it is the greatest ever. It is really super awesome and makes my entire day kick ass. So to convince myself as well as others, I have listed all of the reasons why morning sex is the most important sex of the day.