Summer is all about sun and sangria. Oh, did you not know that? Well, it’s true. If you’re not consuming sangria in mass amounts on hot summer days, then you’re doing the season wrong.

But we all know that sometimes drinking a pitcher of sangria alone isn’t just difficult, but also something that you’d rather do with someone else. Of course, I’m sure you have an entire roster of friends from whom to choose, but maybe it’s time to get yourself one of those “someone special” situations with whom you can drink all that fruity yumminess. The first step in doing so is setting up you profile on TheGloss dating page. The second step is up to you and that involves either scoping out these sangria lovers below or suggesting your own date on HowAboutWe.

Now it’s your turn to get your sangria date on, and you know what you have to do: set up that profile on TheGloss dating page.