It’s not often that you read a news story with a quote like this:

“I have to change a little bit in light of this. It made me see the light.”

Why? Because most news stories, particularly of the entertainment variety, focus on the aftermath of people who are totally unwilling to change. Even regular old headline news has an obvious slant towards the gruesome and the morbid rather than the hopeful.

So it’s refreshing to read over at NBC about a couple who, after saving each other from a bear that invaded their home, is re-examining their marriage and how much they appreciate each other. Aww.

The bear got in the house after the couple, Rich and Angie Moyer, let their dog out for a morning run. After attacking Rich, the bear then turned its attention to Angie, but as it did so, Rich jumped on the bear, saving his wife but suffering a beating of his own.

The couple is in fine health now, although they’re both still nursing some severe wounds, and they have this to say about each other in light of having almost been killed together:

“Part of me thinks we saved each other; part of me wishes she never got involved,” Rich Moyer told Robach. “If you love each other, you are just going to jump in.

“A lot of times men aren’t as caring, especially over the years. I think that is going to change.”

Angie Moyer, who told Robach of Rich, “He’s more my hero than I’m his,” added she is looking at her husband in a whole new way.

“I have to admit I take him for granted sometimes,” she said. “I have to change a little bit in light of this. It made me see the light, too.”

Kudos not just to this couple, but to NBC. Articles about what’s wrong with the world are of course very important, but every now and then it’s nice to read something that might actually encourage readers to be better people and partners.