As we’ve talked about before, product loyalty is a fierce beast. And when the product you love – the only thing in the world that ever managed to curl your hair/clear up your skin/give you an easy smoky eye – gets discontinued, it’s like a mini-breakup. That’s why this romantic story of a husband who tried to make his wife happy by tracking down her favorite discontinued conditioner warms our cold capitalist hearts:

Benjamin Stein blogs about how his wife was in love with, besides him, Clairol’s Herbal Essences with Rose Hips and Jojoba conditioner. Then the line was discontinued. She was crushed. So he concocted a plan. He bought up all the overstock of the conditioner he can get from eBay and stashed it away, 38 bottles worth… Then, two weeks before she gave birth to their new child, he gave her one wrapped bottle of the conditioner. He made a big deal about how he scoured the internet for it and this was the only one he could find. She was truly touched and began using the conditioner.

Then, every morning, he refilled it with a bit from one of the backup bottles. He kept waiting in eager anticipation for her to remark on the amazing “infinite” bottle.

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