This past Friday, HowAboutWe, put together a list of their 27 favorite dates that were posted on their dating site last week. Amongst all the mentions of cozy drinks and indulging in holiday festivities, even if it does mean pretending you’re a tourist for the day, it’s quite clear that holiday is on the minds of those looking for love and partners in crime.

Between store windows, Christmas lights and almost every food establishment in town offering some sort of festive beverage (candy cane hot chocolate, anyone?), ’tis the season to take a risk and find someone to woo or to woo you.

Your crazy holiday sweater that you wear every year to crackup your co-workers and friends will be so much funnier when you find a special someone to rock one, too. Can you just picture it now? The two of you walking along, hand-in-hand, onlookers jealous of your sweaters, and knowing full well that after you’ve made your fashion statement all over the city, there’s an extra large mug of mulled wine at the end of it. If that doesn’t put you in the mood for love and romance, then I don’t know what will.

Now it’s your turn to have someone with whom to sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” this holiday by visiting The Gloss Dating.