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People with higher IQs might just have a higher sex drive than their lower-IQ having counterparts (even though those people doubtless have kindness IQs of 175). A sex toy retailer conducted a survey that found that, in England, students at Cambridge spend the most on sex toys, while students at Oxford spend the second most. Does that mean that smarter people are more into sex? The Telegraph reports:

Lovehoney, which based its analysis on spending using Google Analytics, which allows retailers to work out the spender’s email address, said the figures could mean that “students with a high IQs may also have high sex drives”.

Neal Slateford, Lovehoney co-founder, said: “It is interesting that spending on sex toys is far high amongst students at our elite universities.

“It’s no bad thing if brainier people are randier but we tend to find that everyone in the UK has become far more interested and relaxed about sex – not just our friends at Oxford and Cambridge. “

Right, okay, I would love to believe that there is a connection between IQ and sex drive, but I think the fact that that students at these universities spend more on sex toys could indicate a few other things. Namely:

  • They are not focused on finding romantic partners right now
  • They have a great deal of disposable income, students at these incredibly prestigious colleges
  • They are in college, a time when sexual experimentation is often encouraged
  • They are still tentative about getting actual people to have sex with them
  • They actually have quite low sex drives, and are really hoping that the right sex toy might turn that around.
  • This is a “leftover men” situation (unlikely).
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is a pretty enjoyable guy to watch onscreen, I guess. This one might just be me.

Basically, I think all this proves is that students at Oxford and Cambridge have some disposable income, and are willing to spend it on sex toys, which does not surprise me.

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