This revelation comes to us courtesy of Valerie Bertinelli who, at 50, still claims to be a “slave to her weight.” No one better to dispense healthy, body-acceptance wisdom, if you ask me!

Bertinelli tells Prevention Magazine that while losing 50 pounds has made everything else about her life better, it hasn’t improved her sex life. According to

“It was pretty good even when I was big,” the Hot in Cleveland actress, 50, tells Prevention in its September issue. “[My fiancé] Tom likes me at any size. I’m lucky that way.”

First of all, that’s a stellar review for her fiance, Tom. “Pretty good” is no doubt the feedback every man hopes to get about his prowess in the sack. But seriously…the sad thing here is that when Bertinelli says that she’s “lucky” to have a man who will like her at any size, she’s probably speaking to what too many women think — that men will only like them if they’re thin, and that if they can find a man who will accept them no matter what, he’s a keeper for that quality alone.

What ever happened to liking someone for who they are? And what about women — regardless of size or shape — deciding whether or not they like a man? I mean, Val is marrying this guy, so we hope she likes him, but at this point the fact that he still wants to bone down with her no matter her weight should be a given, not a bonus.