abigail breslin with cool red lips

Another day, another creepy adult taking advantage of a famous teen. Photographer Tyler Shields, 31, shot some racy pics of 17-year-old Abigail Breslin, whom he recently directed in a movie. I think they want us to find this sexy. And not, like, horrifying.

One photo features Breslin (who’s in high school, mind you) holding a white towel just over her breasts and staring into the camera with mussed-up hair, dark smokey eye makeup, and an honest-to-god lollipop hanging from her parted lips. Definitely the most over-the-top display of “I pretended to read Lolita in college!” I’ve seen in a long time. Another photo shows Breslin in a bubble bath with most of her back on display, because get it? It’s like she’s naked? Art!

Here’s the thing: teenage girls are allowed to feel sexy. It’s natural to want to be wanted, and most young celebs understandably want to transition into being treated like adults. That Breslin is a sexual creature isn’t the issue here. The problem is that an older adult– who, as her director, has significantly more power than she does– is taking advantage of her innocence to cause a stir and get attention. These pictures aren’t being viewed only by other teenagers whom Breslin hand-picked. They’re available to the public, and distributing them widely insinuates that Breslin is available to the public, too. If she wants to be a sex symbol in a few years, she’s allowed to! But because she’s underage, someone else is wrongfully making that decision for her.

In the most pathetic, creepiest interview of the day, Shields tells Us Weekly:

Abigail wanted to do something new, something iconic. People see her as innocent, but everyone grows up. After we made Final Girl together, we had a great relationship and it was easy to do this. She trust me.

Yeah, she probably does. You’re a successful, powerful figure who’s 14 years older than her, and you tell her she’s a sexy woman rather than a clueless little girl. Almost any teenager on the brink of adulthood would eat that up.

Eighteen may be an arbitrary number, but our culture has decided it’s the line after which kids can make their own decisions about their sexuality. The fact that these photos are coming out today and not five months from now just proves that Shields understands exactly what he’s doing. He’s not trying to help a young woman come into her own. He’s abusing his power in order to benefit from shock value, all at the expense of a young person.

Via Us Weekly / Photo: PCN