aftersex instagram

In a move that should surprise nobody in this digital wasteland we call home, citizens of the world are tagging their Instagrams with #aftersex, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. That’s right, those up-to-no-good millennials (and a disturbing number of suspiciously young-looking people) are taking pictures post-sex and uploading them for the world to see, in case we all didn’t know what rumpled sheets and tired people look like. Then again, I suppose it’s not an experience unless we share it with the world. Do you think they wait in bed together, refreshing for likes or comments? I guess whatever floats your boat, sex demons.

I’m all in favor of talking about sex openly, and the idea that everything sexual in the world has to happen behind closed doors and in secret is silly and harmful. But there’s also merit to the idea that certain aspects of sexuality should be reserved for the consenting people involved and not some rando who followed you on Instagram.

These post-sex pictures certainly aren’t offensive or vulgar, but they are cringe-worthy. It’s just something you don’t really want to see. Here’s 10 of them.

1. This one is very moody and romantic–I bet these two are artists or baristas.

2. The honesty is appreciated in this one.

3. Okay, kids. Heavens to Betsy.

4. Thumbs up. A+ usages of the mirror fog, too.

5. This owl is amazing. Who is this owl?

6. It really doesn’t matter how cute the couple is.

7. It’s still wince-inducing.

8. Do you want a high five? You look pretty proud of yourself.

9. Satisfied customer.

10. The amazing face of reacting to #aftersex photos. My hero.

Photos: Instagram