Airbnb is the best!

Airbnb is an excellent way to find a convenient and inexpensive place to stay on vacation, and it offers apartment dwellers an easy way to sublet their apartment and make some money while away on vacations of their own. Plenty of people have put the service to good use, including, apparently, large numbers of New York sex workers.

According to the New York Post, individual sex workers and even high-end escort services are taking mini-sublets on nice places instead of booking pricey hotel rooms. It makes perfect sense from their perspectives. As one 21-year-old sex worker explained:

“It’s more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf. Hotels have doormen and cameras. They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in.”

That makes perfect sense on the face of it. And when a person rents an Airbnb apartment, they should logically expect to be able to have sex in it if they so desire. Whether that sex is with a long-term partner, a one-night stand, or a paying customer seems completely irrelevant. If a guest stays for a week and wants to bring home a different person every night, that does seem like it would be their prerogative.

Of course there are not-OK situations, like the guy whose apartment was trashed after an Airbnb renter used it for a giant orgy. Individual hosts don’t sign on for property damage any more than hotels do. But if it’s just sex and the apartment isn’t damaged, it’s unclear why any host would care. Sure, hosts might not want random strangers knowing where their house is, but if keeping one’s home address private is a concern, it seems like a person wouldn’t put their house up on the Internet for strangers to borrow in the first place.

The issue does get murkier when unwitting hosts wind up involved in legal issues, like one woman who got a call from the police when her Airbnb guest was attacked by a client in her apartment. But that kind of incident could happen with any Airbnb guest, whether the attacker was a paying client, one-night stand, or long-term partner.

Basically, if you are looking to rent your place on Airbnb, you should be aware that your guests will almost certainly use your place for sex. That sex might be paid for. If you’re cool with that, go ahead and rent away. And if you are looking to rent a place on Airbnb–whether for paid sex or just sleeping–please tidy up afterwards. It’s only polite.

(Photo: Touchstone Pictures)