My friend’s face currently looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. It’s as though someone mistook it for canvas and covered it in red paint that has no direction, but in which some artist might find meaning. She finds no humor in this comparison; normally, her skin is perfect.

She has decided that she is allergic to her boyfriend’s face. Most health professionals will say this is preposterous. But since she’s an art history major who never took a health-related class in her life outside of mandatory sex ed in high school, she is quite certain she is correct in her assessment. You know, because the Internet told her so.

When she first started seeing this particular fella, each make-out session resulted in a horrible rash. Thinking it was his beard, he shaved. No go. Next his aftershave was blamed. Again, the blotchy, burning rash continued after he kicked that, too, so she went to the doctor to have it checked out.

From shaving cream to moisturizers to even his deodorant, everything was considered a possible hazard. Three months later, her face is still suffering and she’s seriously considering breaking up with him. She’s also more than positive her doctor is a damn liar and that people can actually be allergic to other people whether it be through skin oil or bacteria — that we all have on our body — that just doesn’t mesh well, or dander. All of which she found on the Internet and all to which her doctor just rolled his eyes.

Has this happened to you? Are you also allergic to your partner’s skin even though your doctor might tell you that you’re a nut-job? Is it worth breaking up over, or are you just supposed to deal?

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Photo: Body&Soul