People aren’t satisfied with regular sex anymore.  They want to shake things up and explore new frontiers.  They want excitement and possibly even danger.

If you are looking for new ways to bring excitement into your sex life, look no further.  The following five techniques are virtually guaranteed to turn you into a goddess of unpredictability.

1.  The Sniper

There’s no better way to create surprise and excitement than randomly ambushing your partner at a time of great vulnerability.  Hide in the bathtub and wait for your partner to come in and try to use the toilet.  No one expects a sexual ambush on the toilet.

2.  The Car Alarm

Sudden, loud noises add mystery and unpredictability.

3.  The Emergency

What better way to get your man’s adrenaline pumping than to pretend that you are having a seizure or suffering an aneurysm during sex?

4.  The One Where You Run Away

Men love a challenge.  To satisfy his innate desire to chase and catch things, why not get up in the middle of sex and run away?

5.  The Shapeshifter

Role-playing can be exciting, but the most exciting is surprise role-playing!