More and more people are turning to the internet to find love.  Dating sites, Craigslist and even many forums are full of potential soul mates.  But writing an original ad or making your profile stand out can be tiresome.  That’s why I’ve prepared six ready-made personal ads for you, each focusing on a different way to make people date you.

1.  Pique their curiosity

2.  Lower their expectations

When you were a kid, you probably figured out that your mom would be more likely to give you a cookie if you asked her for a puppy first.  By asking for a puppy, you created a frame of reference in which asking for a cookie seemed benign and harmless.  The same strategy can be applied when trying to get a date.

3.  Manipulate them with knowledge of the future

If a potential mate believes that falling in love with you is an unavoidable part of their future, they’ll be more likely to look past your faults and try to find some way to love you.

4.  Don’t let them know you used a personal-ad writing service

This ad is so authentic that no one will ever expect you didn’t write it yourself.

5.  Use threats to get what you want

6.  Bribe them with material goods

Figure out what resources you control and use them as a bargaining tool.